We provide unparalleled quality services customised to your needs. . We give a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and if you feel we did not solve your pest problem issues we will offer you a free service after a qualifying period. Not satisfied yet, we refund you a 125%" that is your money plus 25% on top for failing to meet your expectations.
We have a university science and management qualifications packed by TAFE training and continuous learning and updating to keep up with new development. We have gained experience and expertise through years of onsite work and attaining new knowldge in advances in the field.
We deal with all aspects of general pest treatment including rodents, bird proofing , etc.., however we feel we can solve all Roach infestations especially extreme and bad German cockroach infestation. We have very good experience with bed bug. We can solve your bed bug problem with greatest confidence. We accept the challenge to solve Termite infestation and also perform pre and post construction treatments.
We quote them a price according to many variables such as: size of property- ie unit, town house, single or double story average house, extent of infestation, type of pest to be treated. General pest control prices are fixed according to property size and type. Other problems, such as bed bugs, flees and Termites pricing is according to level of infestation.
Every now and then we make special offers. However while we are servicing our customers premises, If we notice some problem or defect that might impact on customers property in terms of possible future termite attack or any other pest or similar issues that might saves you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If we encounter any other pest problem that the customer did not notice such as wasp nests or red back infestation some where around the property we will remove it still at the same price quoted before hand.
We are not the cheapest, yet we offer very competitive pricing with the level and quality of the service we provide. Remember low price is not the only deciding factor in this business. You do not expect to pay the same price for a shirt from k mart and David Jones. We use brand name pesticides backed by years of Research and development and better formulation that last longer and more effective yet safe as well. and have no smell and will not stain your pained walls. Others may use generic, cheaper, do not last as long and as effective and safe.
Usually When we arrive on site exchange greetings and gain more insights from clients about pest problems of concern, we take a tour around the property to inspect and evaluate the problem to take the proper course of action " design a treatment Plan" we convey What ever defects may find to bring to clients attention and what future damage or problems it may cause. Tips: 1 Leaking gutters- damage to property 2. Garden beds close to walls- promote moisture to sustain and accelerate termite infestation should a nest happen to be close. 3. We check outbound buildings, trees, and garden sleepers or retaining walls for signs of termite attacks or rot.
Property type and size - unit, duplex, Town house, single or double story. Average size or big.. Building material, building style - on concrete slab or have sub floor cavity. Pest and extent of infestation and where about- inside outside, everywhere or restricted to certain area.. Access to the problem area.- roof cavity, sub floor, etc...
yes and we guarantee all our work 100%. should the customer feels not satisfied with our service and he thinks the problem is not solved , we treat it again for free and bridge the shortcoming. If he/ she still not happy and we fail to solve his/ her ;problem we will refund him/ her 125% "their money and 25% on top for failing them".
We have the scientific know how of pests behavior, habitat, and their hideouts and what pesticides work best for which pests. We use the pesticide in a rational way where it is needed to do the job to solve the pest infestation. We use a matrix of products to get the job done and to prevent producing a strain resistant to pesticides. We have years of practical experience where we able to build expertise in the field. We are not in the business of spraying pesticides indiscriminately but rather solving your pest problem.
Customers usually ask all sorts of questions about pests and we answer accordingly and give information and tips to avoid the pests infestation re occurring. We tell them how the pests arrive in to their outlets. and how to avoid them next time around.
They ask smart questions about pests biology, habitat, and hideouts and and best way to treat them. They should do some home work and learn a bit pests and check one the service provider reputation.
Challenges that come with it. All problems we encounter are different despite dealing with same pests.What makes interesting is the situation, the client and pressure it puts on the customer. We meet all sorts of people, all sorts of premises and we see different life styles. It is not your routine 9- 5 job. It gives pleasure and sense of value you add to people life by solving their problems.
There are heaps I have one customer who had roaches got stock in his ear and he has to go to a doctor to retrieve it. I have an other one who discovered rodents sharing his mattress by making a hole in the bottom of it.
I was in a totally different line of work doing contracting work for a government department on and off and sharing some other people with other business. Then I decided to be on my own as I like serving and meeting people from all walks of life and different demographics..