How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice Guaranteed

As a property manager, your priority is maintaining the value of your client’s home. From finding good tenants to identifying damage early on, your diligence keeps homes in good condition – and keeps your clients happy.

Whether reported by a tenant or witnessed during a house inspection, dealing with a rat or mice infestation fast is essential. Pest infestations can quickly cause serious damage to properties, leaving your tenants – as well as your clients – with a damaged home and costly expenses.

At First National Pest Management Services in Sydney, we specialize in helping property managers and owners get rid of rat and mice infestations. With effective and efficient services, our professionals minimize downtime and let your tenants get back to living comfortably in your property.

How to Spot Rats and Mice
Conducting a routine property inspection or heard a report about rats or mice? Here’s what to look out for when you’re visiting a property.

If you spot small brown droppings, shaped like a grain of rice, they could indicate a rat or mice infestation. Droppings also point to active areas and give you a good starting point to identify where your infestation may be at its peak.

Rub Marks
Rats and mice are dirty and greasy by nature. When they scurry around a home, they may leave grease and rub marks along walls, surfaces, and windows.

Scratching Noises
Scratching noises at night is one of the most typical indicators of a rat or mice infestation. Ask your tenant about whether they’ve heard anything unusual. Sounds can come from under floors, within walls and even above the ceiling.

Mice and rats are known for creating burrows for shelter, storage, and nesting. They do so by gathering materials and sometimes even chewing through walls to find the perfect spot. Keep your eye out on areas with strange holes and burrows or small holes in the walls that you haven’t noticed before.

If you spot shredded materials like insulation, cardboard, paper, furniture, linen, and other items, rats or mice may be making nests in a property. Nests can be found outdoors underground or in roofs and attics.

Rats and mice commonly leave footprints in dusty or dirty areas. From windowsills to attic surfaces, small footprints may lead you to food sources, nests, shelters and other active areas for rats and mice.

Rid Homes of Rats and Mice Fast
If you think a property you manage might be home to rats or mice, or may have a pest control problem, contact the First National Pest Management Services. As Sydney’s experienced professionals, we specialize in completing thorough inspections and eliminating pest infestations fast. Coming prepared with all necessary equipment, products and treatments, we restore hygiene and safety to properties of all sizes.

Simply the smartest way to protect your family, home or business.

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